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TULIPS accelerates the implementation of innovative and sustainable technologies to reduce emissions at airports.

17 TULIPS demonstrations

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be the testing ground for the 17 demonstrations resulting from the collaboration of the consortium with 29 parties called TULIPS.


TULIPS is a consortium that will develop innovations that facilitate the transition to low-carbon mobility and enhance sustainability at airports for the next four years, supported by the EU with €25 million in funding. The TULIPS project has started in January 2022 and last until December 2025.The consortium aims to speed up the roll-out of sustainable technologies in aviation and significantly contribute towards the zero emissions and zero waste airports by 2030 and climate-neutral aviation by 2050. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be the proving ground for 17 demonstrator projects that result from the collaboration.

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Why TULIPS will test a hydrogen Ground Power Unit

Starting in June TULIPS will be testing a hydrogen Ground Power Unit in airside operations. Switching to an H2-GPU could drastically cut emissions. But there are more reasons why an H2-GPU is an interesting development for airports. Let’s dive into this innovation.

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