TULIPS Progress Event: Accelerating Airports in the Clean Energy Transition

TULIPS Progress Event: Accelerating Airports in the Clean Energy Transition

Airports across Europe are committed to decarbonising their operations, aligning with the ambitious goals of the EU Green Deal. By significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future beyond 2030.

The clean energy transition is at the heart of this effort. While airport operations are effective and mature, they currently rely on energy sources that emit CO2, such as fossil fuels and grid-based electricity. To achieve Net Zero, airports must make informed adjustments to their infrastructure and energy practices.

Key aspects for airports

Here are key aspects of the clean energy transition which we will discuss during our Progress event :

1) Energy Producers and Consumers: Airports are evolving from mere energy consumers to becoming both users and producers. Solar and wind farms play a crucial role in this transformation, generating clean energy on-site.

2) Local Energy Storage: To address the intermittent nature of renewable power production, airports are exploring energy storage solutions. Technologies like batteries, hydrogen storage, and hot water storage enhance flexibility and reliability.

3) Smart Power Distribution: Understanding local power distribution is essential. Airports maximize flexibility by utilising smart microgrids and intelligent charging strategies, ensuring a seamless balance between energy sources and demand.

Save the date: 10 October 2024

The TULIPS project serves as a testing ground for innovative concepts and technologies in these areas. At the TULIPS Progress event we will present our interim results and lessons learned. If you are interested in these topics, want to think about solutions and give feedback, so that we can take our demos a step further, then make a note of October 10 in your calendar.

Location of the Progress event will be Torino. We are guests of our partners Torino Airport and Politecnico di Torino at the Castello del Valentino. Access online will also be made available. Follow us on Linkedin or subscribe to our newsletter for updates. You may register your interest by sending an e-mail to tulips@schiphol.nl. We will then inform you when the registration starts.