TULIPS with sister projects at PTE 2023

TULIPS and its H2020 green airport sister projects OLGA, Stargate and ALIGHT organised a workshop at the PTE 2023. We all have our own unique projects and demonstrations aimed at how to enable greener flights.

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Can biochar help decarbonisation of airports?

The large green areas of airports could potentially be used to capture CO2 using biochar. Therefore TULIPS is investigating biochar sequestration at Torino Airport SAGAT. It may help in decarbonisation of airports.

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Looking back on TULIPS Launch event

Have a look at our TULIPS Launch event cartoon. A wrap up as colourful as the day! Did you miss out on our event? Then you can still enjoy our event highlights or recording of the livestream.

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TULIPS green airports partners meeting

TULIPS teams meet in person

The TULIPS workpackage leads and -liaisons met for a stimulating meeting to discuss plans and challenges. For the first time together at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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Press release

The TULIPS green airports aims to speed up the rollout of sustainable technologies in aviation and to significantly contribute towards the zero emissions and zero waste airports by 2030 and climate-neutral aviation by 2050

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