DJMiddelkoop welcomed as new TULIPS partner

June 2023

TULIPS recently welcomed DJMiddelkoop as new TULIPS partner. It’s a logistics company, a local family business from the Haarlemmermeer, located in Nieuw-Vennep.  

About DJMiddelkoop 

Founded in 1932 and since 1998 the third generation is in charge. DJMiddelkoop stands for quality, service and is innovation oriented. The company provides handling services within the airfreight industry for forwarders around the airports Amsterdam and Maastricht. This concerns logistical handling and transports of Aircargo, Pharmaceutical and High Value products.  

Emission reduction 

Since 2013 DJMiddelkoop has been awarded the Lean and Green Award, setting the course for serious CO2 reduction. Over 2,100 solar panels have been installed on their logistics building, wholly owned, since 2018. From there the innovation for emission reduction has been scaled up and they have made investments for the realization of the “Green Circle”. In addition to generating energy, Middelkoop intends to store energy and consume it themselves. For this they are scaling up electric vehicles, from small to large, and heat pumps which have already been realized in the office area. The goal of being gas-free by 2024 will thus be realized.