Green Airports side event at Paris Air Show 2023

June 2023

There are several pathways towards zero emission airports and -aviation, each with its own challenges. To give some insights into the solutions we are working on, we joined  EU Green Deal Projects OLGA and STARGATE at the Paris Air Show in June for a side event. The EU executive department on Green research and innovation from CINEA also played an active part in the event. We discussed the challenges in scaling up sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and the use of hydrogen amongst others. Glad that partners SkyNRG and Air France could join us in the panel for their point of view, adding to a fruitful discussion.  

Airports play a key role in the uptake of SAF 

The panel discussion highlighted the long-term potential of sustainable aviation fuels in boosting the green transition. Airports play a key role in the uptake of SAF, and while SAF uptake can contribute to solving regional challenges, such as waste management, energy security, local air quality and economic resilience, it seems that the main challenge is generating sufficient supply with constrained feedstocks. 

The importance of hydrogen and e-fuels 

Hydrogen and e-fuels were deemed paramount in reaching the decarbonisation targets.  More innovations are in the pipeline for these projects, all meant to set EU airports and the aviation sector on the path to green transition. 

Video and slides of side event Paris Air Show

Visit the OLGA website for a video about the session, more information and the slides that were presented.