RTHA advances liquid hydrogen storage for sustainable aviation

April 2024

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) is at the forefront of hydrogen-powered aviation, with several projects aimed at furthering this innovative technology. One of these initiatives is the TULIPS demonstration, featuring a hydrogen-powered drone. To support this endeavor, RTHA has applied for a permit for a liquid hydrogen storage facility.

Infrastructure and Operational Adaptations

To accommodate hydrogen-powered aircraft in the future, RTHA recognises the need for infrastructure and operational adjustments at airports. This year, RTHA is embarking on the development of a storage facility and an associated tank capable of holding 125 liters of liquid hydrogen.

In subsequent phases, the storage facility can be utilised by other parties involved in converting aircraft to hydrogen power, including NLR, AeroDelft, and TU Delft.

TULIPS Demo: A Drone Takes Flight

As part of the TULIPS program, the HYDRA-II drone from the Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR) will take to the skies using hydrogen as its fuel source. This demonstration serves as a test platform to explore operational aspects related to hydrogen-powered flight and on-site hydrogen storage at the airport.

Hydrogen’s Role in the Future

Green hydrogen is considered an alternative fuel for sustainable aviation. Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, aims to introduce a hydrogen-powered aircraft to the market by 2035. The Rotterdam region is closely tied to hydrogen production, particularly in the Rotterdam harbor area (which will soon utilise wind energy for hydrogen production). RTHA’s strategic location near the harbor positions it well for future hydrogen supply chains.

Expanding Innovation

RTHA collaborates with various partners on multiple innovative hydrogen projects. The airport’s focus extends to hydrogen supply chains, necessary storage infrastructure and integration within airport operations.

The photo of the hydrogen storage facility is at the NLR in Marknesse and gives an impression of the future storage at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

For more information visit the website of Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA)