TULIPS deep dive sessions

April 2024

It’s almost a tradition; when the tulips bloom in April, the TULIPS partners come to Schiphol. We then discuss the coordination between the work packages and check the progress. During deep dive sessions we shared updates on the use of (micro) smart grids, the hydrogen GPU, tagging construction materials to reuse them, SAF infrastructure and much more. It’s great to see how the plans for the demonstrations are now really being implemented. And so we immediately tested the MAAS app for intermodal transport during lunch break. Half of the group took the bus to the viewpoint at the Kaagbaan Runway and the other half took the bicycle. A Dutch treat 😉! 

Two-day deep dive sessions 

On 11 and 12 April members of the TULIPS consortium met at Schiphol for a deep dive. We discussed the technologies and concepts developed by the project to accelerate the transition towards net-zero airport operations until 2030. The main objective of the meeting was to learn about the progress and potential impact of the project’s 17 demonstrators. The demo’s are currently being shaped into building blocks for sustainability roadmaps of European airports. Beyond the verification of the progress and usefulness of these demonstrators, we also engaged in focused discussions on a robust environmental, social and economic impact assessment. The aim is to describe the projects’ ability to contribute towards EU Green Deal Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  


We held extended discussions on the subjects of energy storage, including different types of batteries and hydrogen for airside operations. But we also talked about innovations in energy distribution systems using smart micro grids. These will help to manage excessive peak demands resulting from the electrification of airport operations. Other subjects we discussed were the infrastructure for alternative fuel supplies, including SAF, addressing potential barriers coming from infrastructural and regulatory uncertainties. A third category of discussions was on local air quality measures.  


The consortium members make a significant effort to align the projects development with the ongoing development of the industries and activities brought forward by the cluster projects ALIGHT, OLGA and Stargate. We also expect the EU funded project ALRIG2T on the use of Hydrogen at airports to join the green airports cluster.  


The meeting hugely benefitted from the presence of practitioners from the partner airports including Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), Torino Airport (Turin), Hermes Airport (Larnaka) and Oslo-Gardermoen Airport (Oslo).  

TULIPS events in October 

In the remaining part of 2024 the Project is geared towards a number of demos and conferences to engage with institutional and user levels on the industries quest towards NetZero airport operations. The next event organised by the project will be held in Turin on 10 October 2024. The Event will discuss the projects progress with external stakeholders. In line with this event TULIPS and Torino Airport will also organize the 2nd Hydrogen Airport Conference in cooperation with to70 and ACI-Europe on 11 October 2024 at Torino Airport, which will focus primarily on advancing in a joint European understanding on the use of hydrogen in future airport operations.  

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