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TULIPS launch event: Sustainable airport challenge

We are pleased to invite you to the TULIPS launch event Sustainable airport challenge, streamed live from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on 27 October.  Registration is open now! 

Join us online on 27 October 

At TULIPS one of our common goals is to drastically reduce emissions at airports. A challenge indeed, but inspiring at the same time! Join us online on 27 October and learn all about our plans for the programme and the challenges we’re facing.   

Four reasons to attend the TULIPS launch event

  • Stay up to date with the latest developments regarding sustainability at airports.
  • Share your ideas about challenges in our demonstrator projects. We are interested in your knowledge and experience! 
  • Get inspired by Florian Dirkse, cofounder of The Ocean Cleanup.
  • Extend your network. Interact with us and get to know us and our partners.  

Programme TULIPS launch event

  • 09.00 Registration for onsite visitors
  • 09.30 Welcome and introduction
  • 09.45 Greener flight session
  • 10.30 Smart airport session
  • 10.55 Coffee break
  • 11.15 Keynote: Florian Dirkse, co-founder of The Ocean Cleanup
  • 11.40 Clean airport session
  • 12.25 Short wrap up with Liz Price, Professor of Environmental Education MMU
  • 12.30 Closure

Three main topics

The launch event focuses on three main topics:

  • Greener flight
    Questions we address in Greener flight are for instance about the SAF logistics we need at the airport on the short term and the energy infrastructure on the long term. Additionally we investigate how to anticipate the energy supply for future aircraft.
  • Smart airport
    Smart airport focuses amongst others on improved airside electricity traffic and heat storage to create a 100% fossil free airport in 2030. How can we provide optimal use of available renewable energy for landside, airside and terminal?  We also investigate how to improve passenger and cargo transport with software tools, improved infrastructure and optimized intermodal services.  
  • Clean airport
    How can we reduce emissions at airports? Clean airport intends to demonstrate use of hydrogen amongst others. Challenges focus on permits for hydrogen equipment, procurement and the hydrogen supply chain, since the supply of green hydrogen is still very limited and expensive.  We will also discuss applying circular material flows at the airport. How can we align stakeholders and how should we deal with different and constantly developing (national) legislation around dealing with waste?  As to investigating mitigation of ultra-fine particles in the air; will our prototype for ionised mist work?  And how can we deploy biochar at airports (both land and airside) for carbon sequestration?